Hello there!

I'm a freelance web and Android developer from the Twin Cities, and I want to help you build that next great project.

Here are some fun projects I've worked on

Solution Focused Family Law

A freelance web development project with the aim of building a responsive and compatible business website quickly. To that end, the site was built using the Boostrap framework because of its great cross platform continunity and the speed it allows when building front-end focused sites such as this. I also designed the logo for the site, using Illustrator.

MY ROLE: Design, development, deployment, and maintenance


CSCC Laundry App

An Android application designed and built for residents of the Como Student Community Cooperative to help making doing laundry in the shared spaces there easier, faster and more accurate. The application lets residents check the status of laundry machines, track machines they are using, and let them easily issue maintence requests for machines that are broken.

MY ROLE: Android activity design, programming, prototyping, user testing

Board Game Toolbox

A website I created in order to satisfy some common needs when playing board games / party games with friends. Currently, the site features a random team generator and random dice roller, but I plan to expand this functionality to other common game related tasks. The goals of this project were to make something that's fast and responsive. With the help of media queries and simple CSS styling, I think I have accomplished that. The page works well on any screen size, and loads up fast thanks to it's small code base. I built the site using HTML, CSS, JS, and jQuery

MY ROLE: Design, development, deployment, and maintenance.